Our Story



The vision for Mizpeh was birthed in the heart of Rev. Pearl Noriega in 1979. The home started operations out of rented premises, first in Toco, then Grande Riviere. In 1995 the Government of the day saw that Mizpeh was making good on its efforts to help hurting women and presented a grant of $50,000. This was used towards the opening in February 1996 of its permanent home at Sangre Grande.


Mizpeh can be found in Trinidad and Tobago’s law books. For its cause, Mizpeh felt it was not enough to be incorporated under the Companies Act. It went further to seek the sanction of Parliament. Both Houses of Parliament endorsed its operation by enacting legislation to guide the conduct of its affairs, identified as Act No. 3 of 1990.

Mizpeh is recognised as a voice to be heeded. The organisers of national consultations on gender, community, empowerment of women, abuse and domestic violence, have embraced Mizpeh.

Mizpeh was the recipient of the Oklahoma Army National Guard Civilian project. They built and furnished the extension to the home, which houses the skill training facilities. Foreign governments have also seen it fit to bestow various grants on Mizpeh.


2013 International Women’s Day Award – Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development

2012 Award for Christian Excellence – The Trinidad & Tobago Council of Evangelical Churches & Full Gospel Businessman’s Fellowship International


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